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Ningbo Yinzhou Yongxin standard parts factory is located in the beautiful Yinzhou District of Ningbo

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Material selection requirements for steel structure bolts

In addition to the different properties in the treatment process, the delay and fracture properties of steel structure bolts with different raw materials are also different unde...


Force analysis of high strength bolt

M24 High Strength Bolt: At 10.9S, its yield strength is 940MPa, and its available tensile force is: F = 940 * 3.14 * 20.752 ^ 2/4 = 317773 n = 317.773 KN At 8.8S, its yield stre...


Introduction to anchor bolts

There are many styles of anchor bolts, because of the extensive role of anchor bolts, so in view of some simple anchor bolts, derived from various forms of anchor bolts. One of ...