Force analysis of high strength bolt

M24 High Strength Bolt:

At 10.9S, its yield strength is 940MPa, and its available tensile force is:

F = 940 * 3.14 * 20.752 ^ 2/4 = 317773 n = 317.773 KN

At 8.8S, its yield strength is 660MPa, and its available tensile force is:

F = 660 * 3.14 * 20.752 ^ 2/4 = 223117.4 N = 113.117 KN

High strength bolts are made of high strength steel or require a high preload. High strength bolts are widely used in bridge, rail, high pressure and ultra high pressure equipment connection. The fracture of such bolts is usually brittle fracture. In order to ensure the sealing of the container, the high strength bolts used in the ultra-high pressure equipment need to be stressed.

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